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Do you need products for your personal care, practice, health shop, salon or spa?

You’ve come to the right place!  Since 2004, Holistic Emporium has focused on sourcing the best overseas and local suppliers in order to bring you the best products at the best prices.

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HOLISTIC EMPORIUM is one of  the leading South African wholesale companies,
supplying the Health and Beauty Industry with:

Essential Oils , Organic Essential Oils,  Dosha – Ayurveda,  Pure Fragrances, Carrier Oils,  Professional Massage Oils.  Mineral Fragrance,  Massage Blends, Massage Creams,  Massage Body Butters,  Sugar Scrubs,  Specialty Pedi Products,  Massage Tools, Hot Stone Kits, Basalt Hot Stones,  Aroma Kits  & more

All Salon Essentials available at wholesale prices.


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