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Do you need products for your personal care, practice, health shop, salon or spa?
Join our family of customers, health practitioners, salons and pas, for a quality range of products for health, relaxation, and healing.
Discover our wide selection of unadulterated pure essential oils, cold pressed carrier oils, natural butters, natural skin and body oils made with loving hands.

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HOLISTIC EMPORIUM is one of  the leading South African wholesale companies,
supplying the Health and Beauty Industry with:

Essential Oils , Organic Essential Oils,  Dosha – Ayurveda,  Pure Fragrances, Carrier Oils,  Professional Massage Oils.  Mineral Fragrance,  Massage Blends, Massage Creams,  Massage Body Butters,  Sugar Scrubs,  Specialty Pedi Products,  Massage Tools, Hot Stone Kits, Basalt Hot Stones,  Aroma Kits  & more

All Salon Essentials available at wholesale prices.


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Our blog is an ever-growing knowledge base of articles. These articles educate and enrich your experience with essential oils, carrier oils as well as all the other wonderful ingeredients that make up our product range. You are able to see all our articles on our blog page.

Making products at Home with Natural Butters

  Different butters have different properties, and they act differently in your formulas (and we are not talking about therapeutics right now). Changing out butters isn't really as simple as switching out one for another. The differences in melting point,...

DIY Perfumes, Linen Sprays, Creams and Lotions

    Paying off debt is, for many people, among the top reasons you need a side hustle. If you're paying off debt and don't feel like you're making any headway, you may benefit from the extra money you can make with a side hustle. If you are looking for a...

Neem Essential Oil for Horses (Equine and Equestrian Use)

  Neem oil is an essential oil which some regard as a super oil because of its many benefits which is extracted from the seeds of the neem tree, which is Native to India, where it has been used for centuries because of its healing properties. Neem trees grow in...

Anyone trying to make a success of their business will tell you: Find people that, first and foremost, care about their business – and secondly, care about yours too. As soon as I told Maria about my business she was all too excited to assist me with the best products. The customer service is the best I’ve experienced in this industry so far. Holistic Emporium is my go-to for what I need and I’ll never sway! Very very happy 😊

Courtney Cara Meyer

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