How to make your own perfume



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We will assist you with advice, recipes, process, how-to’s and incredible ranges of organic ingredients with which to start your business.
Make perfumes to resell, Make Linen and Room Sprays. Create your own hand and body lotions and creams.

Here are the basic processes on how to create these various products.


How to Make a Perfume


We stock a Perfume base which is already mixed. This is a plant-based Ethanol. Choose your favourite fragrance and dilute between 10 %- 20 % into the perfume base and there you have it. Perfume made. Bottle and sell.


Creams and Lotions with Aqueous Cream:


Mix your Aqueous Cream with 0.5% – 0.7 % fragrance. Let it settle and them package and sell.
For finer lotion use 0.2% – 0.3% fragrance onto your aqueous cream. Package and sell


Linen and Room Sprays:


Use the Perfume base which is already Mixed and add between 2 %- 5%. Mix well and bottle. Ready to sell.


Make your own creams and lotions

We stock Fragrances and the Easy application Perfume Base for your convenience. Contact us today to get advice, starter products and a partner that will help you succeed!