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Different butters have different properties, and they act differently in your formulas (and we are not talking about therapeutics right now).

Changing out butters isn’t really as simple as switching out one for another. The differences in melting point, composition, slip, and other factors, can all affect how your product performs after the substitution, and you may need to tweak the entire formula to make your new butter perform how you expect it to in your product.

If you replace a butter in your formula, retest your formula’s stability. You may be surprised to find out it doesn’t perform as it previously did, and these are things you want to be able to adjust for before you put your new formula out on the market.


What Are Natural Butters?

Natural cosmetic butters are derived from the extracts of numerous natural sources including seeds, kernels, beans, and nuts. They can be applied to the preferred area directly or after being incorporated into spa, cosmetic, or massage formulations, such as lotions, creams, soaps, lip balms, or salves, among other natural products to which they can be added. Butters melt on contact with body heat, adding additional softness and smoothness to skin and hair to relieve dryness, roughness, breakage, and irritation.


Uses of Butters

 Butters each have distinct combinations of properties that make them unique in form and function. The common factors shared by all butters includes their high emollience and their versatility, which allows them all to be used in a wide range of ways for massage, cleansing, softening, soothing, moisturizing, wound healing, protecting – on various parts of the body, hair, face, hands, and feet.

All butters can be applied to the skin directly or in blends to address issues of dryness, rashes, peeling, blemishes, wrinkles, itching, blistering, wound healing, cracking, roughness, stinging sensations, inflammation, aching, and fatigue, among other conditions. Butters are reputed to promote skin and hair health while contributing rejuvenating and regenerative properties.



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